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Neurosurgery for Peripheral Nerves, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Ulnar Neuropathy

The board-certified neurosurgeons at Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin are adept at “rewiring” the body’s electrical system. They perform peripheral nerve surgery to treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy of the ulnar nerve.

A painful disorder of the wrist and hand, caused by excessive pressure on the median nerve. Often caused by overuse from repeated movements, carpal tunnel syndrome is actually nerve entrapment. There are many treatment options, depending on the severity. These include resting the wrists and hands, nonprescription medication to relieve pain and inflammation, occupational therapy, splinting and minimally invasive endoscopic laser surgery.

This nerve entrapment condition affects the elbow, the outer arm and the hand near the little finger, caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve. Symptoms may include pain, tingling, numbness, weakness in the hand and forearm, cold sensitivity and elbow joint tenderness. We often recommend conservative treatments such as physical therapy and other forms of nonsurgical treatment. When these options fail, we may recommend minimally invasive surgery or endoscopic laser surgery.

The board-certified neurosurgeons at Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin can answer your questions and explain treatment options for nerve entrapment conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy.

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